I’m a thirty-something #eldermillennial with a knack for creative problem solving and a passion for music, design, food and drink. Born in Spain, raised in the Midwest, and fortunate enough to travel all my life – it’s in my nature to constantly crave a change in scenery. Forever chasing the fun and romantic moments in life – I aim to curate occasions and surroundings which lavish upon the incredible people that fill my life.

Translation: I love to entertain, to party down and rock out – to connect and learn and grow with others. I am fulfilled by encouraging people, taming the chaos, and inventing beautiful solutions. I am most at peace snuggled up with my daughter, husband, and two dogs. I am least at peace when encountering people with no manners. And lastly, I will always struggle with finding balance and acceptance with what I’m capable of “right now”.

This blog is a collection of moments dedicated to living life lavishly – celebrating timeless elegance while discovering personal styles. Finding new opportunities to create thoroughly YOU-nique environments and experiences. Enjoying the play required in cultivating and telling your story and that of those you’ve invited into your life.

Regardless of how you pursue and live your lavish, when you do it for love (self love, familial love, BFF love) you get it back ten-fold.

Thank you for dropping in and visiting – I hope your experience here will be entertaining if not inspirational.

Lauren Myer

To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all. – Oscar Wilde


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